Quick Review of Italy and Spain

Hello everyone! Today I would like to post a quick trip review of my most recent adventure: Italy & Spain. This trip was really as a graduation gift for my sister and also an anniversary present for my parents. I was able to accomplish it entirely through points and miles. Thanks to the United Airlines credit card (Chase Bank), we were able to redeem the round-trip flight tickets for free with one of their partner airlines: Lufthansa. Also, thanks to the SPG credit card (American Express) and  Marriott credit card (Chase Bank), we were able to redeem free nights in the hotels we stayed in.

I hope you guys enjoy the few pics I posted on this trip and if any of you have questions on how I did this, please feel free to comment below and I will respond soon after. Thank you!!!

DSCN3643 DSCN3681 DSCN3861 DSCN3988 DSCN4110 DSCN4132 DSCN4168 DSCN4176 DSCN4186 DSCN4221 DSCN4225 DSCN4460 DSCN4461 DSCN4474 DSCN4486 DSCN4496 DSCN4510 DSCN4521 DSCN4526 DSCN4538 DSCN4552 DSCN4562 DSCN4565 DSCN4570 DSCN4572 DSCN4583

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