Get 10% to 50% of Your Redeemed US Air Miles Back!

US Air Redeemed Miles Bonus

Did You Get an Offer for 25% of Your US Air Miles Back?

The subject of the email was “Get More for your Miles: Limited- time Offer”  Search your email for this phrase in case you’ve received a targeted offer as well!

This FlyerTalk thread & reader comments suggests that folks are getting offers of between 10% to 50% of their US Air miles back!

The good news is that this discount is also valid on US Air partner airlines (such as Lufthansa, Thai Airways, etc.).

This is a terrific deal!

The terms say that you have to:

  • Redeem US miles between October 1 and November 30, 2013 AND
  • Complete your travel before March 31, 2014
  • Redeem a minimum of 20,000 miles in order to get part of your miles back

You have to redeem miles from the PRIMARY cardholder’s account ( so you can’t book a trip from an authorized user’s US Air account) and have to pay the FULL price in miles when you make the booking.

You can only get up to 30,000 miles back with this offer, so the maximum amount of miles which you can redeem is 120,000 (if you get the 25% offer) and get 25% or 30,000 miles back

But you’ll get 25% of your miles back 3 to 4 weeks after you COMPLETE your travel.

US Air also has a 100% share miles promotion, where you can effectively buy US Air miles for 1.14 cents per mile.

You can get a terrific deal if you share miles with someone who has received an offer to get 25% to 50% of their redeemed US Air miles back (assuming you’d travel before March 30, 2014)!

US Air has a 3 tier chart with low, medium and high awards, but a 25% discount could make the medium level awards more affordable particularly for coach travel within the US or to Hawaii!

I’ll write more later, but 25% of your miles back means that you could fly to Europe for 45,000 miles in coach or 75,000 miles in business class round-trip!

US Air is part of the Star Alliance (Lufthansa, Swiss, Thai Air etc.), so you can search for flightson and if you find Saver awards on, you can call US Air and book those same awards by feeding the agent those flights segment by segment!

The US Air website won’t show you any flights on partner airlines!

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