Top Things to do and Experience in Honolulu, Oahu!

Waikiki, Hawaii

Waikiki, Hawaii

One of our favorite places in the world is Hawaii and this is because we love everything Hawaii has to offer such as the wonderful people, the beaches, surfing and the awesome weather. Its truly a paradise away from everything that everyone should experience at least once in their life time. We have been in Hawaii 5 times in the last couple years and can’t wait to go back again next year. Hawaii is one of the most popular and most visited places in the world and continues to be every year. Everyone has their own idea of what makes the perfect Hawaiian vacation.  It might be lazing on the beach, or doing some adventurous hikes, or cycling down Maui’s Haleakala. I also often hear that a person’s favorite island is Maui or Kauai, because Oahu is “too crowded and touristy.” Having grown up on Oahu, it’s actually easy to get away from the crowded, touristy parts; to start with, stay out of Waikiki.  Here are my picks for the top things to do and experience in Oahu, Hawaii.

1. See a Performance of Hula Kahiko

Hula kahiko, meaning “ancient style dance” is the true hula of the ancient Hawaiians. Not only does it not include ukeleles, guitars or modern instrumentation, it was traditionally danced by men, not women. Many times, it was a sacred dance, performed as part of the Hawaiians’ religious ceremonies, and as such the chant and the movements of the dancers were strong and solemn. If you’re at all interested in Hawaiian culture, you owe it to yourself to see a performance of hula kahiko.

Hula Kahiko

Hula Kahiko

2. See the Only Royal Palace in the U.S.

Hawaii is the only U.S. state to have once been a monarchy, and you can still see ‘Iolani Palace, the home of the former monarchy (and also where Hawaii’s last queen, Queen Lili’uokalani, was imprisoned when the monarchy was overthrown.

'Iolani Palace, Hawaii

‘Iolani Palace, Hawaii

3. Try Hawaiian Food at Ono Hawaiian Foods

It’s hard to get better Hawaiian food for a better price than at this local favorite (726 Kapahulu Ave., (808) 737-2275). Try the pork lau lau (tender pork wrapped in taro leaves and ti leaves, then steamed), lomi lomi salmon (literally, rubbed salmon, since it’s rubbed with tomatoes and onions) and poi (the Hawaiians’ main food, and the perfect bland foil to lomi lomi salmon).

Lau lau, poi, and lomi lomi salmon at Ono Hawaiian Foods

Lau lau, poi, and lomi lomi salmon at Ono Hawaiian Foods

4. Go for a Walk or a Swim at Lanikai Beach

Many people swear by their favorite beach on Maui or Kauai, but one of the loveliest and most secluded beaches is Lanikai Beach on Oahu. Take a refreshing swim or simply relax with a loved one on the soft silky sand.

Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

5. Go for a Hike on Diamond Head

This is a great early morning hike (before the sun gets too hot). Enjoy some exciting tunnels and the lookout points used during World War II on your way to the top, where spectacular views of the mountains and Waikiki Beach await you.

Tunnel on Diamond Head hike, Hawaii

Tunnel on Diamond Head hike, Hawaii

6. Get a Fresh Malasada at Champion Malasadas

I’ll be honest: the best malasadas (Portuguese holeless doughnuts) are at the local school carnivals, such as those at ‘Iolani and Punahou. But since your visit may not coincide with those, Champion is my next favorite option (better than the more famous Leonard’s, because Champion fries theirs to order).

Champion Malasadas, Hawaii

Champion Malasadas, Hawaii

7. Discover Doris Duke’s Shangri-la and Islamic Museum

You may have never even heard of Doris Duke’s Shangri-la estate, now a museum, let alone put it on your list of places to see in Hawaii, but it’s a must-see for anyone interested in Islamic Art or curious about the spectacular ocean-front home of the tobacco heiress.

Doris Duke's Shangri-la

Doris Duke’s Shangri-la

8. Explore the Underwater Life

There’s great snorkeling off of Oahu, but also try it off Kona, on the Big Island, where you have a good chance of seeing magnificent sting rays in addition to the colorful tropical fish.

Snorkeling with Sting Ray and Eagle Ray, Hawaii

Snorkeling with Sting Ray and Eagle Ray, Hawaii

9. Enjoy the Views at the Pali Lookout

Enjoy some of Oahu’s best views from the Pali Lookout. It can get extremely windy, so bring a light jacket. This is also where King Kamehameha, who was the first monarch to unite the islands, pushed a rival army over the cliff, so there are plenty of creepy ghost stories about the Night Marchers . . .

View from the Pali Lookout

View from the Pali Lookout

10. Enjoy Hawaiian Music at the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Friday Night

This is great to check out, whether or not you’re staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Every Friday night, around 7pm, there’s a nice Polynesian dance performance around the pool area; it used to even include some hula kahiko, not sure if they still do or if it’s all modern hula auana, followed by fireworks. Even better, one of my favorite Hawaiian music groups, Olomana, performs in the Tapa Bar on Friday and Saturday nights from 8-11pm, often accompanied by a hula dancer.

Olomana performs at the Hilton Hawaiian Village every Friday Night

Olomana performs at the Hilton Hawaiian Village every Friday


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