US Airways to Join Oneworld March 31, 2014 and Merge with American Airlines

By Guillermo Rodriguez (Award Travel Points)The American US Airways news is only the latest in a string of high-profile airline mergers.

US Airways is joining Oneworld on March 31, 2014. Since there will likely be a rush for bookings towards the end of March, if you’re planning to book an award trip with Dividend Miles, try to book this sooner rather than later.


Will Anything Change for My Existing US Airways Reservations?

No–existing US Airways reservations and US Airways Dividend Miles awards remain intact, as long as you fly them as ticketed.

What If I Need to Make Changes to a US Airways Award Ticket After March 30, 2014?

In that case you would need to fly on Oneworld carriers, since US Airways is exiting Star Alliance on March 30, 2014, so it will no longer be an option to change to other Star Alliance flights after that date.

When Will the US Airways Dividend Miles and American AAdvantage Frequent Flyer Programs be Combined?

Not for awhile, most likely not until late 2014 or early 2015.

When Can I Merge or Move my Dividend Miles to AAdvantage Miles and Vice Versa?

No date has been announced yet, but will likely be sometime in Q1 or Q2 2014. Starting January 7, 2014 you can earn and redeem US Airways Dividend Miles to fly American Airlines and vice versa, but you’ll have to wait until March 31 to redeem Dividend Miles for oneworld partner airlines.

Is There Elite Status Matching?

Not currently; per the US Airways FAQ, “beginning in early January 2014, Dividend Miles Preferred members will receive select benefits when traveling on American and vice versa.”

Here’s what the official release from US Airways says:

US Airways will join oneworld® with effect from 31 March 2014, following completion today of its merger with alliance founding member American Airlines.  All its regional affiliates, operating under the US Airways Express brand, will also transition to oneworld at the same time.

Their entry into oneworld with effect from the first flights on 31 March 2014 will follow immediately upon their exit from the Star Alliance with the final flights on 30 March 2014.  All parties are taking every effort to ensure that the alliance transition is as seamless as possible for customers.

Until the full integration of American Airlines and US Airways – which will see the combined airline retaining the American Airlines name – US Airways and its regional carriers will operate as oneworld affiliate members, under the American umbrella.

They will offer oneworld’s full range of services and benefits – although some may be phased in shortly after US Airways joins.  US Airways, American and their oneworld partners are working to provide the most popular benefits and services on an accelerated timeline…

Dividend Miles Chairman cardholders will have the top Emerald status in the oneworld programme.  Dividend Miles Platinum and Gold will be equivalent to oneworld Sapphire and Dividend Miles Silver will be oneworld Ruby.

From 31 March, Dividend Miles Chairman, Platinum and Gold members will be able to access some 600 airport lounges worldwide offered by oneworld member airlines when they fly with one of the alliance’s carriers.  As oneworld Emeralds, Dividend Miles Chairman cardholders will be able to use First Class lounges, where available – and receive an additional baggage allowance and access fast tracks through departure security at select airports.

All Dividend Miles members will be able to earn mileage and status points when flying on any oneworld member airline from 31 March, but the ability to redeem mileage rewards for flights on other  oneworld airlines may be phased in shortly afterwards…

It sounds like US Airways will make a clean break from Star Alliance on March 30 – at which point US Airways flyers will not be able to earn or redeem miles Dividend miles on any of the 26 other Star Alliance carriers any more – and will join Oneworld (13 carriers) only  immediately the day after at which point US Airways flyers will earn and redeem on Oneworld partners instead, including elite perks, etc.

So if you want to use your US Airways miles on Star Alliance awards, I’d suggest doing so as soon as possible to beat the glut of reservations I suspect flyers will be making, though you should have until March 30 to redeem on Star Alliance. After that date, though, you won’t be able to change Star Alliance awards you made using US Airways miles, so be sure of your plans!

I suspect we’ll see reciprocal earning/redeeming benefits on US Airways and American shortly, though it will probably be several more months before you can transfer miles between you AAdvantage and Dividend accounts.




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