Our 1st Trip To Asia – Hong Kong & Thailand: Cathay Pacific New Business Class Seats – New York To Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific new business class seats!

Cathay Pacific new business class seats!

By Guillermo Rodriguez (Award Travel Points)

We’re currently on the way back from Thailand to Miami. Hong Kong and Thailand we’re an amazing experience and i can’t wait to go back and explore more.  I will review everything about our trip and how we made this happen by using only points and miles earned from credit cards. Our trip started with Cathay Pacific Airlines in their new Boeing 777-300  business class seats. It was a long flight of almost 16 hours non-stop from New York JFK airport. I must say that Cathay Pacific new business class seats were as good as advertise. Our seats were in Cathay Pacific business class (mini cabin) which holds only 8 seats and is very private and quiet.

Our 1st Trip To Asia Hong Kong And Thailand -Trip Report Index:

Part 1: Our 1st Trip to asia – hong kong & Thailand: Intro

Part 2: Cathay Pacific New Business Class seats -New York To Hong Kong


cathay pacific mimi cabin

The seats are extremely comfortable and we we’re able to walk around the city as soon as we arrived to Hong Kong with no jet lag issues.


The seats convert into a complete flat bed and are very comfortable for sleeping. This is a picture I took of my wife sleeping during the flight after  just waking up myself. I was able to sleep 8 continuous hours very comfortably and I think my wife slept well over 10 hours without waking up. These seats are very private and quiet because they are looking away from other passengers.

20140306_113452     20140306_113350These are just a couple pictures of me and my wife relaxing and watching some movies after sleeping for a while. The entertainment system was very good with hundreds of movies, television shows, games and music to choose. The screen was great with almost 16 inches in size and HD quality. It was also a full touch screen.



You can never get bored in Cathay Pacific planes with all the options of entertainment they provide. The seats are controlled through a remote that can adjust into any position you like from straight forward to a fully flat bed to sleep. There’s also plugs to charge the computers or phones and usb cables.

My seat had 2 private windows and lots of space to work on the computer.

My seat had 2 private windows and lots of space to work on the computer.

My wife uses all the blankets and pillows they provide to make her bed even more comfortable....

My wife uses all the blankets and pillows they provide to make her bed even more comfortable….


The food and the flight attendants service was simply amazing. They make you feel like you’re in a 5 star restaurant. The flight attendants used our last name every time they spoke to us. They were extremely friendly and professional. We joked around and even became friends with some of them. We received nothing but 1st class service from these flight attendants.Our flight attendants were the best we have ever had in any other airline. Nothing but 1st class service!

The food was the best I’ve ever had in any airline. The menu was great with lots of options…

Dinner Menu!

Dinner Menu!

Breakfast Menu!

Breakfast Menu!

Here’s some pictures of the food i had during this flight and everything was very good. I has nothing to complain about.





Some of the many snacks they offered during the flight.

Some of the many snacks they offered during the flight.


and more snacks!

Overall I love everything about Cathay Pacific business class product. The service was top class from beginning to end and the seats were extremely comfortable. I recommend Cathay Pacific new business class seats to anyone that wants top notch service and style…We were able to reserve these seats which normally cost about $10,000 for a roundtrip flight for Free by using points/miles earned from the Citi AAdvantage Visa credit card.



If you have any questions on how to earn enough miles for free flights on Cathay Pacific or any other Airlines, please contact me or leave me you’re comments and I’ll be happy to help your dream vacation come true for very cheap.

How Can You Make a Trip Like This Possible Too?

We only used 55,000 American Airlines miles to fly Cathay Pacific Business Class.  The regular price for a 1-way Business Class flight from New York to Hong Kong can cost  over $5,000, so this is a great use of American Airlines miles!

How to Get the Miles:

1.   Citi American Airlines Executive Card

You get 100,000 miles when you spend $10,000 within 3 months using the Citi American Airlines Executive card.   So this is the easiest way to get the points to fly Business Class on Cathay Pacific.

2.   Citi American Airlines Cards

The Citi American Airlines Personal card and Citi American Airlines Business card each get you 50,000 miles when you spend $3,000 within 3 months.

Note: You are allowed 2 Citi Personal cards within 65 days.  But you can NOT get more than 1 Citi card at a time.  Wait 8 days to apply for a 2nd Citi card.

3.   American Express Starwood Hotel Cards

The American Express Starwood Hotel Personal card and the American Express Starwood Hotel Business card each get you 25,000 Starwood points when you spend $5,000 within 6 months.  Starwood points transfer to American Airlines at a 1:1 ratio.  You’ll also get a 5,000 point bonus each time you transfer 20,000 points to American Airlines.

If you earn the bonus on both cards you will have 60,000 Starwood points (50,000 bonus points + 10,000 points from completing the minimum spending).  You can transfer Starwood hotel points to American Airlines.  60,000 Starwood hotel points transfers to 75,000 American Airlines miles (60,000 miles + 15,000 transfer bonus).

4 thoughts on “Our 1st Trip To Asia – Hong Kong & Thailand: Cathay Pacific New Business Class Seats – New York To Hong Kong

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  2. I’m heading to HKG from Chicago soon in Business Class. Was thinking about the mini-cabin. As you were in the second row of the small cabin, was there and issue with noise from the lavatory as it was directly behind your seat?

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