Our 1st Trip To Asia – Hong Kong & Thailand: The JW Marriott Hong Kong Review

JW Marriott Hong Kong

JW Marriott Hong Kong Hotel.

By Guillermo Rodriguez (Award Travel Points)

In March we did our 1st trip to Asia and spend 2 days in Hong Kong and 7 days in Thailand. This was an amazing trip and a once in a life time experience and now we are sharing our experiences and stories with everyone. We would also like to show everyone how they can too make trips like this possible for almost no money out of pocket. This is our review of The JW Marriott Hong Kong Hotel.

Our 1st Trip To Asia, Hong Kong And Thailand -Trip Report Index:

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Part 4: The Jw Marriott Hong Kong Review


JW Marriott Hong Kong Lobby Area.

JW Marriott Hong Kong Lobby Area.

The JW Marriott in  Hong Kong was a top of the line 5star hotel.  The hotel was in a central area in the city and was right above a subway station which made it easy getting anywhere in the city within minutes.  The hotel staff was very nice and professional. The staff members would get out of their way to help us with anything we needed. We stayed for a total of 2 nights at this hotel.


We paid nothing out of pocket for the 2 nights at this hotel. The hotel is usually priced at about $400-$500 per night. But we stayed for free both nights by using our Marriott Rewards Points. This was a huge savings of about $1000 which is the cost for 2 nights at this hotel and I want to show you how you can do it too.

How many points we used and how did we earned Them?

We used 70,000 Marriott Reward Points for both nights. The JW Marriott Hong Hong is a category 7 hotel which means they require 35,000 points per free night, so my total was 70,000 points for 2 free nights.  Earning these points was very easy and fast because currently Chase is offering 70,000 bonus points for the Chase Marriott Rewards Card through the http://www.Marriott.com website. All you have to do is signup as a member with Marriott for free and once you’re logged you should be able to see an offer for 70,000 bonus points in the bottom of the page.

If  you still don’t see the special offer after signing into your Marriott.com account, just try to purchase 1,000 points with Marriott for only $10-$20 dollars which is all it will cost. Sometimes they just like to see some account activity or points before providing this offer.  Once you see the offer you can apply through the Marriott.com website and earn 70,000 points when you spend just $1000 within 3 months of opening the card.
This is an awesome deal that most money hungry bloggers out there wont let you know because they prefer you apply for the lower offers through their websites so they get paid a commission. My mission is that everyone knows about these special offers and promotions even if I don’t get paid from them so they can travel more often around the world for free just like we do it.

What other hotels could you stay with the 70,000 bonus points?

There’s a huge list of 5star hotels around the world you ciuld stay a couple nights with this amount of points such as Marriott’s in Hawaii, Venice, Rome, Spain, and all over the United States. Hotels that would normally cost well over $500 per night you could also stay for free. If you and your spouse both get this card just like my wife and I did, now you would have 5 free nights at many of these destinations. Every time you redeem points for 4 nights at a Marriott Hotel you get the 5th night free.

Main entrance to the Hotel Lobby.

Main entrance to the Hotel Lobby.

Once in the hotel we always saw over 5 staff members standing around in different parts of the lobby waiting to help us with anything we needed. The hotel seemed to have great restaurants but we never tried them because we prefer to eat out and explore the cities rather than stay inside the hotel.

More pictures of the hotel main lobby which was huge!

More pictures of the hotel main lobby which was huge!

This was the room we stayed with 2 queen beds!

The room was very nice and extremely clean. The view was ok considering we never spend much time in the room. The reason we chose this hotel aside from the great reviews on tripadvisor was because this was the only hotel that would allow 4 guests per room without any extra charges and this was great because we shared these 2 nights with our friends to help with their expenses.

The Marriott Hong Kong was next to another well review 5star hotel The Conrad but in my opinion the Marriott was a better and bigger hotel. Also having the Subway Station right under the hotel was a big plus. The JW Marriott also had a big mall with lots of shops and restaurants and a cinema connected.

Bottom line:

The JW Marriott in Hong Kong was a great hotel and I would definitely stay here again because of the awesome service and location.

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