Our new outlook and goals with our blog.


First we would like to thank all of our followers, although few, for all of the support and motivation because writing a blog has not been easy work. Upon reading and researching information, we have decided to update and change a few things like the content and the way we’re writing certain articles to stand out. As most know, we are not rich and live normal lives with full time jobs and plenty of responsibilities here at home.


One of our hobbies is to stay healthy and in good shape to keep up with our travel challenges. We also have dogs which makes it slightly harder for us to just get and leave on vacation. Our four-legged family requires attention whilst we are off exploring the world which in return requires additional time aside from our already busy lives to prepare conditons for them to stay safe and feel comfortable before we take off.


With this being said, our goal is to not only help our audience get to the places they love most but to show how we did it and and prove you can do it too. Everyone has problems and responsibilities to take care of but with your desire for it, a little effort and the right push, you can travel and see the world like we have but not only do them, do them for free! Most of us are not rich enough to travel wherever, whenever or even for the amount of time you wish to do it. Just as long as you WANT IT, we promise it CAN be done. So we urge our followers to keep up with us as we transform our blog to show you where we have gone, for how much, what we’ve done there, what NOT to do, and how much time you can actually visit a place in that’s realistic with our daily lives. We will be reviewing things like the airlines we fly on to different places, the customer service, the hotels, the food, the locals at each destination… All of these things are what makes us want to go to these places. Right?


Now, let’s be real, some places are not for a weekend getaway. Others are not to be visited for a month. In all honesty, unless you are like some of these bloggers who have been blogging for some time now and actually make enough off of their blogs to travel 24/7, people like us don’t have that kind of time off of work to visit a place for a month at a time. So we would like to show you how we have seen some places in short amounts of time off spread out through the year… Obviously, this also depends on where in the world you live and what destinations are closer to you which would make things easier and/or cheaper for you to visit. So our blog is based out of Davie, FL where we currently live.


We hope you enjoy our newly formed blog and look forward to hearing your feedback on how we’ve helped you visit your dream destination. Happy traveling!

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