We’re working on updating our Blog and sharing our travel adventures and ideas with everyone!


We would like to apologize to everyone because we haven’t updated our blog in the last 15 months. As some of you may know we breed and train Doberman dogs. Between our breeding and training, regular full-time jobs and other things we haven’t been able to stay active with our blog but we are planning to change this and start working on our blog once again.

Our passion for travel and seeing everything the world has to offer is stronger than ever and we would like to share our experiences and adventures with everyone. We hope to inspire others to also travel around the world for very little money by using hotel and airline points earned from certain credit cards. We hope to offer advice on certain travel destinations that we’ve been lucky to visit already and explain the best things to do in each location.

We are working on changing a couple of things on our blog to make it better for everyone to enjoy our travel experiences and I will offer advice to help anyone interested in traveling for free. Over the last 15 months even though we haven’t been blogging much we certainly haven’t stopped traveling all over the world.

We hope to update everyone on our recent trips and how we traveled for free to all of these destinations. Here’s a couple of pictures of our most recent trips over the last 15 months:

20150703_102005We visited Machu Pichu, Peru in July, 2015

20141205_224036_000  20140826_23473620150419_114715

We traveled to Beijing, China in December, 2014 and visited the amazing Great wall of China.  In August 2014 we traveled to Japan for 1 week and them Hawaii for another week on the way back from Japan.


In May 2015 we made a trip to Bora Bora and Tahiti all with points and miles and almost for Free. We stayed at the Intercontinental Thalasso Resort in Bora Bora on a over-water bungalow completely for free. We’re sure many people out there would like to make a trip to Bora Bora for free and we plan to show you how.

11188427_466035233561731_6071784598119631907_nBeautiful view of our room behind us in Bora Bora!

Please stay tuned to our blog as we plan to update everything we done in the last year of travel and how anyone can do it too……..

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