How to do Barcelona in 4 days.


Barcelona is such a great city. With the perfect amount of beach and city, I can most definitely live here. Starting with the food. It’s surprisingly cheap to eat. And aside from the food being affordable, the entertainment is intriguing. Like the traditional flamenco show. You’ve seen nothing in Barcelona if you don’t attend a flamenco show.


Let’s talk about one of my many passions in this world: FOOD. Paella is a typical dish they serve basically everywhere you go. It’s a must-eat when visiting this delicious city but not great at just any restaurant. Be sure to look for seafood restaurants where it’ll be freshly caught and you’re sure to receive an amazing dinner. In regards to the ham and the wines, we literally had sangria and ham most of the time we visited Barcelona because it was so addictive. But what about the pastries? THOSE are excellent no matter where you find it. Whether it’s chocolate filled or vanilla stuffed, the bakeries here are on point. Now, pair it with a little coffee or hot cocoa, and you’re on your way to a foodies’ heaven.

But where can you go to have all these wonderful things in one place without going to far? Las Ramblas is a perfect place to experiment with Barcelona’s great wine and ham selection as well as explore it’s cultural heritage, shopping and entertainment. Try talking to the people. You’d be surprised how down to earth they are. What makes Las Ramblas so great is that it’s not just city and it’s not just beach. It’s an equal balance between city and ocean which makes the culture that much more interesting. The shopping is tourist oriented but you can find pretty little boutiques if you look carefully enough. At Barceloneta Beach pier, at the end of Las Ramblas street, you’ll find a very nice mall with shops for whatever your heart desires. Also, be sure to catch the view of the harbor on one side and Barceloneta beach to the other side! It truly is a site not to miss. And right before getting to the beach, at the very end of Las Ramblas street, you’ll find the famous Columbus Monument.

La Boqueria food market is an enticing open market inviting everyone to try and buy their scrumptious foods. Las Ramblas is a family friendly area when the sun is out but when bed time comes around for the kids, the night awakens. What you didn’t see during the day, you will see at night. Lights decorate and illuminate the trees, music comes from places you can’t even see and the aroma of freshly prepared food to be eaten under the stars complete the experience of Las Ramblas.

Some of the top attractions in the grand city of Barcelona we actually did in 4 days include:
-Las Ramblas
-La Sagrada Familia
-Modernist Park Guell by Gaudi
-Modernist Buildings by Gaudi
-Barrio Gotico or Gothic Quarter
-The Magic Fountain show
-FC Barcelona museum & Camp Nou stadium
-Columbus Monument
-Barceloneta Beach and Pier
-A small day trip to Montserrat Mountains & monastery (Only a 1 hour trip outside of Barcelona)

Getting around Barcelona isn’t as hard as you think either. Between buses and trains, you get around quite easily and quickly. The locals are ready to help answer any questions and point you in the direction if solicited without struggle. Their tone of voice might come off a bit demanding, but no worries! That’s just the way they all sound. (Lol) Buses and trains are the cheapest way to get around. And with the Barcelona Card, you can save A LOT. With this card you can use both buses and metro as well as choosing how much time you need it for.

We, personally, like to walk the city and see the city from the locals point of view. So instead of staying in a centralized 5-star luxurious hotel, try staying with AirBNB. We stayed in an apartment on the 3rd floor (which turned out to be the 5th floor because they do not count the first 2 floors of the building). And it was such a surprisingly fun experience. You definitely get the “local” feel with AirBNB since you’re staying in someone’s vacation home. The reason we decided to stay with AirBNB is because we were 3 couples (6 people total) so we shared a 2 bedroom apartment with a very comfortable sofa-bed. The location was not too far from Las Ramblas and not too close so you can walk and still discover small local restaurants with not so many tourists to enjoy a delicious meal for an extremely affordable price. Win, win for everyone!

Ok guys, I know it was a little late but I hope you enjoyed How we did Barcelona in 4 days. Let me know what you thought or if you have any questions! 🙂


Samantha Yanes

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