Delta Lounge in Seattle & Air France flight

The lounge

Life on Maui could be, and most of the time is, a very simple life and lifestyle. It’s all about surf and sun. Nothing flashy or too out there because you WILL stand out like a sore thumb. So travelling outside of Hawaii could make anything seem “high class” or upscale. However, we’re originally from Miami. Where life is the complete opposite. Everything is to be the best of the best. Whether it’s a party or simply getting ready for dinner, you always dress to impress. Now, we’ve also been a bit spoiled in this aspect of travel because we’ve experienced first class in multiple airlines and have visited many first class lounges so naturally when we went into the new Delta lounge in Seattle-Tacoma Airport, we expected a lot more than we got.

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-29 at 3.09.59 PM

Don’t get me wrong, the lounge and airline was not bad at all, we’re just spoiled. Like I mentioned, we’ve seen some of the BEST airport lounges in the world such as the Emirates Lounge and the Qatar lounge as well as their incredible first class flights. So of course, compared to these world famous lounges, all other lounges seem to be mediocre. But that’s not the point. This Delta lounge, although not flashy and as appealing to the eye in decorations or amenities, was very comfortable and had great commodities: spacious and clean showers, a great selection of food and drinks, the staff was friendly and there was plenty of options for you to pick a comfortable spot and stay there until your flight is ready for boarding. It took care of all your needs to freshen up before your flight.

The flight

Again, travelling with other airlines outside the U.S. really gives you a taste of the quality of american based airlines. I, for one, don’t particularly enjoy american based airlines but only because we have flown on other international airlines like Emirates, Qatar, Singapore, Cathay Pacific and I simply prefer them for the attention to detail. Those are just a few of my favorites.

Air France, though, was interesting in a good way. At first, the attendants came across as stand off-ish and had to be warmed up to. But once you managed that, they were kind,  helpful and overall pretty great! The food was great as well. Loved every bite and the fact that it was a french airline, you know the bread, cheese and wine were amazing for being on a plane. The entertainment seemed to be vast but it included a selection between about 5 different languages so the actual selection of movies and TV series was cut short to accommodate all the different language barriers.

Overall, our experience in both places were great. No negative encounters and I would use them and recommend them both for those travelling to Paris, France in the future. Can’t wait for our next trip.

But for now, au revoir!

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