4 nights at the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome

The rooms

If arriving in Paris isn’t magical enough, being able to stay at this beautiful hotel just makes it even better! The room we stayed in was perfectly divided to have enough space for all of your luggage while not compromising walking space. Beds were incredibly comfy and the bathrooms were to die for. The decoration was interesting in the sense that they had these small creepy yet intriguingly artsy statues of rot-iron men in a funny positions as handles to everything. Handles for the doors, drawers, wall lamps, windows, etc, which was one of the things that made this hotel stand out.

We know Paris is the City of Lights as well as on the city of love, let alone one of the fashion meccas of the world but it’s also world known for it’s art. And that’s what this hotel wanted to focus on in the staterooms. Inside the rooms you had this grand bathroom with both a shower and tub in the same space while a toilet had it’s own private room and so did the sink together in a space with what was an open “closet space” for you to hang any clothes.

The shower/tub area was interesting because you had the option of using the tub or the rain fall shower head but what was interesting was not that but that there was a sink in the shower too. (Lol) Random, I know. And even though I’m still trying to figure out why that was there, I kinda liked it.


Overall, I appreciated the way they spaced everything out. It was a very well organized and thought out for you to make the best of your stay. The view from our room was also very nice since we had 2 nice lookout windows into the courtyard where their local yacht club was and their hotel restaurant called the Le Terrace. The rooms had a cool feature to “blackout” the room while you sleep so that there is no light distractions coming from the restaurant below.


As for my favorite aspect, the food, we were able to enjoy the breakfast every morning on the main floor as well as room service once the morning we left. When you go downstairs for breakfast, you have the option of having the breakfast buffet or ordering from the menu a la carte. We did both and everything was absolutely delicious.

All kinds of breads and cheeses, as you can imagine, and fresh juices to perfection. The orange juice tasted like they picked them that morning and squeezed them right then and there, it was that good. The eggs benedict which is one of my favorites wherever I go was atop a thin triangle slice of toasted bread, then crispy bacon, the poached egg with hallandaise sauce but topped off with what looked like sprinkles of truffles. It was drool worthy. They had a great selection of baked goods like danishes and pastries as well as the baguettes with house made jams to spread on them if desired. But the homemade goat cheese is what got me. I couldn’t resist. All in all, the breakfast was great.

The area they sat you in to have breakfast was beautifully decorated with these satin purple chairs and couches and these tiny orchids to adorn the tables. The cove-like area where the food was found was all mirrors so it gave the illusion of there being more space or more food which made it very appealing to the eye. It almost drew you in to come get more. The space was also under a glass ceiling where you can vaguely see the sky but mostly just enjoyed the natural day light that came in.


I have to give it to them, the hotel itself is not that visible when walking in the street but the location couldn’t have been better. It’s right in the heart of Paris in the very middle of it all. Right next to the hotel is the Place Vendome, and just about a 15 minute walk from the hotel is the Louvre Museum as well as the Jardin de Tullieries. But just like these 2 must see sites, there are all kinds of things all around the hotel. It’s a very strategic location where everything is about the same distance from the hotel. The furthest things are the Eiffel Tower and Versailles. Luckily, we found that the public transportation system was very tourist friendly and especially cheaper than regular taxis, sometimes even faster than travelling by car. But when in doubt, Uber is also a great option to get around.

When it comes to hotels while travelling I will always choose location over anything else and this one was the best in my opinion.

AU REVOIR monemi!

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