Munich for 4 days


Germany, a magical place of history and beer. A country lined with stunning views and delicious food. I must say, I never thought I’d enjoy Munich as much as I did. And the reason is because I never knew how much it had to offer. I imagined it had loads of history but none that would peak my interest. And the fact that I considered myself to be a “wine person” and beer is what they were known for, kind of turned me off. But boy was I wrong! I have officially changed and opened my heart to beer. (lol) There isn’t one thing I have to complain about Munich. Except for maybe having to pay to use the toilet.

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4 nights at the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome

The rooms

If arriving in Paris isn’t magical enough, being able to stay at this beautiful hotel just makes it even better! The room we stayed in was perfectly divided to have enough space for all of your luggage while not compromising walking space. Beds were incredibly comfy and the bathrooms were to die for. The decoration was interesting in the sense that they had these small creepy yet intriguingly artsy statues of rot-iron men in a funny positions as handles to everything. Handles for the doors, drawers, wall lamps, windows, etc, which was one of the things that made this hotel stand out. Continue reading

Delta Lounge in Seattle & Air France flight

The lounge

Life on Maui could be, and most of the time is, a very simple life and lifestyle. It’s all about surf and sun. Nothing flashy or too out there because you WILL stand out like a sore thumb. So travelling outside of Hawaii could make anything seem “high class” or upscale. However, we’re originally from Miami. Where life is the complete opposite. Everything is to be the best of the best. Whether it’s a party or simply getting ready for dinner, you always dress to impress. Now, we’ve also been a bit spoiled in this aspect of travel because we’ve experienced first class in multiple airlines and have visited many first class lounges so naturally when we went into the new Delta lounge in Seattle-Tacoma Airport, we expected a lot more than we got. Continue reading

38 days to celebrate 10 years

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-29 at 3.09.59 PM


A couple years ago we started talking about where we could go for big 10 year anniversary trip. We considered many places like Italy, Spain, Bora Bora, Maldives, but I will forever pick my second love: Africa. Upon choosing the continent, we still had much planning ahead of us. Where do we go? Same places we’ve visited before? Do we try a different camp? Should we try seeing some of Europe too?

Here we are, 3 years later and we’re on our way to the vacation of our lives! Finally the moment has arrived and we’re on our way in first class all the way through. During this 5 week (38 days) journey, our itinerary looks something like this:

How to do Barcelona in 4 days.


Barcelona is such a great city. With the perfect amount of beach and city, I can most definitely live here. Starting with the food. It’s surprisingly cheap to eat. And aside from the food being affordable, the entertainment is intriguing. Like the traditional flamenco show. You’ve seen nothing in Barcelona if you don’t attend a flamenco show.


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Our new outlook and goals with our blog.


First we would like to thank all of our followers, although few, for all of the support and motivation because writing a blog has not been easy work. Upon reading and researching information, we have decided to update and change a few things like the content and the way we’re writing certain articles to stand out. As most know, we are not rich and live normal lives with full time jobs and plenty of responsibilities here at home. Continue reading

Our 1st Trip To Asia – Hong Kong & Thailand: The City of Hong Kong Trip Review

By Guillermo Rodriguez (Award Travel Points)






This is a review of our 2 short but awesome and active days in Hong Kong.       Our day started early in the morning. The plane arrived to Hong Kong at 6:00am and it was too early to check into our hotel (JW Marriott Hong Kong), so we decided to leave our luggage in the hotel and started touring and walking around the city. We didn’t want to waste any time because our stay in Hong Kong was going to be very short, just 2 days and there’s just so much to see and do in Hong Kong.

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Big Discounts (Up to 75% Off) InterContinental Hotel Group!

IHG Rewards Flash Sale

Pay 50% to 75% Fewer Points for Hotel Rooms!  You can get 50% to 75% off award bookings at select IHG Rewards hotels Today only!

IHG Rewards hotels include Candlewood SuitesCrowne Plaza,  Holiday InnHoliday Inn Express,Hotel IndigoIntercontinental Hotels & Resorts, and Staybridge Suites brand hotels.

Here’s a list of all the hotels which will have reduced awards.  The discount is only valid for stays between October 23, 2013 and November 22, 2013.

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10 ideas and fun things to do in Rome!


Rome is one of the most historic cities in the world and there’s many reward credit cards that can get you there for free with just points and miles. I can help anyone interested in going to Rome with advice on which credit cards currently have the best bonus points offers to get you there. But once you finally get to Rome many people ask what are some of the best things to do and how many days should they stay there.
Your stay in Rome is all about your state of mind. Making every hour count means letting the timeless grandeur and beauty of the place seep into your blood. So, keep your eyes open for the little things that aren’t on any list, the nooks and nuances of this ancient city. Continue reading