How to fly almost for FREE to BORA BORA with points and miles.


Just a couple months ago we spend a full week in Bora Bora and I can’t say enough good things about this magical place.   Bora Bora is amazingly beautiful and the closest thing to paradise we have ever seen. Unfortunately this place is not very cheap in fact is one of the most expensive travel destinations in the world. After we went to Bora Bora we have many friends and family asking us how they can also get there but without breaking the bank.

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What Miles or Points Are The Best for Business Class Award Tickets to Hawaii?

People ask me often:

“I would like to travel to Hawaii and I would really like to do it in first or business class. What cards can I use to rack up miles and points that will be beneficial to this trip?             I am new to a lot of this, so I am confused as to which points are more beneficial and can be transferred to airline partners.

I love Kauai and Hawaii in general. The two programs you want to focus on are United and American.

United charges 80,000 miles round trip in business class to go to Hawaii, has low fees and usually has pretty good availability. American also has a lot of flights to Hawaii and they only charge 70,000 miles for business class. American is also partners with Alaska Airlines, which also flies to various destinations in Hawaii from all over the West Coast, so depending on where you live, that sync up could provide better coverage and availability for you. Continue reading

How to Fly to Hawaii for Free!!!

flight-to-hawaii-tips.jpgI am, without a doubt, the frequent flyer expert among my family and friends. I step in when someone wants take their dream vacation that seems too expensive and help them get there for free by using only miles or points. I’ve booked many airline tickets using only miles and points to Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Spain and many many times to Hawaii. By far, however, the most frequent request I get is for assistance on how to use miles for free flights to Hawaii. Earning enough miles for free flights to Hawaii its easy and can be done through a couple credit cards!