Best Luxury Hotels on the Big Island, Hawaii


Best Big Island Hawaii Luxury Hotels

Fairmont Orchid, Big Island of Hawaii

Hawaii isn’t only a state; it’s also the name of the biggest of the Hawaiian islands, affectionately known to locals as the Big Island. The Big Island is the one I most recommend to visitors, at least those who want to actively explore Hawaii and not only relax on the beach.

If you enjoy nature, you’ll be in your element, with everything from an active volcano and the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to hiking up to beautiful waterfalls or even stargazing atop Mauna Kea, the best place for land based astronomy in the world thanks to its altitude and low light interference. Snorkelers can look forward to swimming with Manta Rays and Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins off the sunny Kona Coast. Don’t miss seeing Hawaiian petroglyphs on the Kohala Coast–those on the Big Island are the best preserved. And for a colorful local vibe, head to Hilo and put together a picnic from the fresh produce and baked goods at the farmer’s market, or browse the many art galleries. Continue reading

Honeymoon in Hawaii: Which Island and Which Hotels?

First, a few general suggestions for a honeymoon visit to Hawaii before we get into specific islands and hotels:

  • Avoid peak season travel: Peak seasons for Hawaii include Christmas/New Year’s, Spring Break (usually March to early April), late summer and Thanksgiving. Good times to go are late April-June or late September-October
  • Plan well ahead if you’re trying to book domestic first class awards to Hawaii. If you’re coming from the East Coast, consider flying a flat bed on United to California then either a cheap coach ticket or coach award using 25K Avios for West Coast to Hawaii.
  • Know that some rain showers are likely any time of year, in many areas of Hawaii. Much of Hawaii is green, and it wouldn’t be that way if it didn’t rain. That said, parts of each island tend to be drier:
  • The drier side of Maui: Kihei, Wailea, Kapalua
  • The drier side of Kauai: West side (mostly undeveloped) and South side (Poipu)
  • The drier side of Hawaii: Kailua/Kona
  • Consider splitting time between a couple of different resorts, depending on how much you plan to be at the resort during the day. It may not be worth spending hundreds of dollars per night on a room or suite if you’ll be on outdoor adventures the whole day, though on resort-focused days the extra luxury can be priceless. After all, it will (hopefully) be the only honeymoon of your life. Continue reading

How to Fly to Hawaii for Free!!!

flight-to-hawaii-tips.jpgI am, without a doubt, the frequent flyer expert among my family and friends. I step in when someone wants take their dream vacation that seems too expensive and help them get there for free by using only miles or points. I’ve booked many airline tickets using only miles and points to Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Spain and many many times to Hawaii. By far, however, the most frequent request I get is for assistance on how to use miles for free flights to Hawaii. Earning enough miles for free flights to Hawaii its easy and can be done through a couple credit cards!