How to do Barcelona in 4 days.


Barcelona is such a great city. With the perfect amount of beach and city, I can most definitely live here. Starting with the food. It’s surprisingly cheap to eat. And aside from the food being affordable, the entertainment is intriguing. Like the traditional flamenco show. You’ve seen nothing in Barcelona if you don’t attend a flamenco show.


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How to fly almost for FREE to BORA BORA with points and miles.


Just a couple months ago we spend a full week in Bora Bora and I can’t say enough good things about this magical place.   Bora Bora is amazingly beautiful and the closest thing to paradise we have ever seen. Unfortunately this place is not very cheap in fact is one of the most expensive travel destinations in the world. After we went to Bora Bora we have many friends and family asking us how they can also get there but without breaking the bank.

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We’re working on updating our Blog and sharing our travel adventures and ideas with everyone!


We would like to apologize to everyone because we haven’t updated our blog in the last 15 months. As some of you may know we breed and train Doberman dogs. Between our breeding and training, regular full-time jobs and other things we haven’t been able to stay active with our blog but we are planning to change this and start working on our blog once again.

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Deal Alerts: Flights to Europe $150 ROUND TRIP…Dubai $275…Mumbai $300

By Guillermo Rodriguez (Award Travel Points)

The Flight Deal posted that because a Norwegian online travel site is not correctly pricing fuel surcharges, which is letting people book flights to Europe for $150. It’s good on United flights from the US to Europe, the Middle East and India. Milan appears to be the cheapest at $150 or so round trip. Dates are good sporadically in December and then January – March.

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Start Traveling Soon For Free With The Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard!


Earlier this year we started using the Barclaycard Arrival World Mastercard. We applied for this card a couple months ago when I was looking for a new travel rewards card that would earn me lots of points to redeem for free trips. This credit card has been great for my wife and I to accumulate lots of points for free flights and hotel nights. This is an awesome travel credit card that I recommend anyone interested in traveling for very cheap to have because you can redeem the points for free flights and hotels! This card is offering a huge welcome bonus of 40,000 points for first time customers which equals to $440 of free money to spend in hotels or flights. This is an offer that we should all take advantage of because its basically a gift of $440 dollars to redeem for travel. Since we’ve had this card for a couple months now, this is my review of The Barclaycard Arrival World Mastercard.

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Want To Travel More Often For Very Cheap? We Can Show You How!

By Guillermo Rodriguez (Award Travel Points)

My Name is Guillermo Rodriguez and my wife is Samantha. We have earned and redeemed millions of airline miles and hotel points since we got married in 2008  – Almost all of them were earned without having to fly in airplanes or staying in hotels.  They were earned by applying for travel credit cards with big reward programs.

This picture was taken in Central Park in front of the outdoor Ice-Skating Ring!

This picture was taken in Central Park in front of the outdoor Ice-Skating Ring!

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30+ Travel Tips for a Cheaper and Better Travelling Experience!

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia 12/2009

We’ve been traveling around the world since we got married in 2008 and we have accumulated our fair share of travel tips along the way. The following list of travel tips will not only help you to have a more enriching and deeper traveling experience, but will help you save money and save you from being burnt out. Continue reading

How to Get Free Flights and Travel for Free?

How to Use Miles to Travel for Free

woman sitting in airplane

1. Earn Miles from Credit Card Spending

Using credit card rewards wisely is step one to earning your way to a free flight. Once you have one of the best travel rewards credit cards with mileage rewards, use it as your primary method of payment for your day-to-day expenses.

The key is to always pay your balance in full and on time; otherwise your miles earned will be a worth fraction of the interest you will owe. Savvy mileage collectors eventually find themselves charging utility bills, parking fees, or any other purchase they can use their credit card for.

2. Get a Credit Card Sign-up Bonus

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